Working Successfully with Multi Generations

what you will DISCOVER

Today’s diverse workplace can include up to four different generations. They all hold varying beliefs and values regarding work ethic, communication, loyalty, leadership and more. How can you work together towards common A multigenerational group of employees.goals without friction? What can you do to successfully engage a multi-generational workforce?

What may seem as one of today’s biggest challenge is actually a huge opportunity that, if managed thoughtfully can improve your competitive edge AND create a more dynamic and productive work environment.

Using the principles of accelerated learning in a fun and inspiring workshop...

you will LEARN

  • The characteristics and needs of the different generations
  • Strategies for making workplace change in order to attract and retain multi-generational talent
  • How capitalize on the strengths of different generations
  • Tools to create positive communication amongst the different generations
  • To create an action plan for a positive, productive intergenerational workplace

you will BECOME

  • More inclusive and aware
  • Skilled at bringing out the best in people regardless of their generation
  • A more thoughtful and effective leader and team member

One-Day Workshop

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