Many organizations use managers or subject matter experts (SMEs) to write and deliver training. And, while they may know a lot about their subjects, they don’t always know how to impart that knowledge or skill effectively to others. They have to learn “on the job “, which takes time, is stressful and may cause them to be less effective than they might be. They may rely on outdated presentation or lecture – style methods and they don’t always develop the full range of techniques and approaches which trainers need these days.

What you will DISCOVER

his program focuses on the practical aspects of being a trainer. Learning is linked to workplace needs, with tips and techniques being shared at each stage of the program. This intensive, hands-on two-day course teaches participants essential training skills and promotes an understanding of how to teach others in the most effective way.
Over the two days you will cover:
•    Understanding and motivating learners
•    Establishing aims and objectives for training
•    Creating a safe, productive learning environment
•    Blended learning
•    Training techniques
•    Planning a training program
•    Monitoring and evaluation
•    Facilitation skills

You will BECOME

A more confident and effective trainer. You will be well-equipped to deliver quality training sessions that get the best results from participants.

Workshop Duration – 1 or 2 days

The course is suitable for anyone new to a training position, who has been asked to take on training responsibilities within their existing role, or even experienced trainers wishing to refresh skills.  No prior experience is necessary.