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SparkTaC realised that members of Executive Team and organizational leaders often have a dire need for strategic guidance and assistance by an experienced professional in navigating the complex, turbulent and often hostile challenges of the DEIB environment. For this reason, SparkTaC offers coaches that could (1) assist transformation executives in coming to terms with their role and in strategically crafting a transformation journey for their organisations, and (2) team leaders who needs to operationally manage a diverse team and who needs to initiate processes and practices that create an inclusive team environment.

We provide personalized, practical and in-depth coaching services to develop a leader’s diversity acumen and inclusive leadership skills.


Organizations are led by leadership teams but successful organizations are led by cohesive Senior Leadership Teams (SLT). The difference, a cohesive team is one that works together towards realizing aligned goals effectively.  Sometimes leadership teams can be plagued by conflicting egos, leadership styles, personal agendas, silos, turf battles, ineffective communication, and lack of alignment on goals, processes, and priorities.  When these factors are in play, the domino effect impacts the entire organization, explains low employee engagement and mediocre results. 

The Optimize your Senior Leadership Team program is specifically designed to transform your senior leaders from working as a group to a performing as a cohesive team. 

Program Objectives

This program drives the following outcomes:

1. Driving a common mission, vision, and strategy within the organization
2. Establishing thematic goals that drive alignment and break down silos
3. Creating team ground rules that foster cohesion
4. Defining organizational culture
5. Designing a framework for effective Senior Leadership Team meetings that build teamwork and get results
6. Improving communication flow within the team and out to the organization
7. Creating an environment where constructive frankness is the standard
8. Embracing mutual accountability for behaviours and results

Contact us to find out about the road map for the Optimize your Senior Leadership Team program. 

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