Versatile Leadership

What you will DISCOVER

Performance Leadership is all about how we work with people -- how excited and enthusiastic are the people to complete their A leaders coaching a staff member. tasks and goals? How able are they to complete their tasks and goals? Are they performing as self-reliant achievers?

How successful and effective we are as leaders in today’s workplace is direct result of our ability to be versatile in our skills and choices when leading others to achieve goals and complete tasks.

LEARNing Objectives

In this high-energy interactive workshop you will learn how to:

  • Adopt the characteristics of effective leaders 
  • Understand the difference between successful and effective leadership
  • Explore the importance of attitude in a leadership role
  • Use the three skills of a versatile leader to help employees succeed
  • Match your leadership choices to the needs of your employees
  • Partner for optimal effectiveness
  • Use power wisely

You will BECOME

  • Versatile in your leadership skills and choices to engage your team to achieve their goals to be successful
  • A more confident and effective leader
  • The boss everyone wants to work with

Workshop Duration – 2 Days

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