PERFORMANCE to be the manager everyone wants to work with

what you will DISCOVER

Employees want and need great managers and most managers do strive to be great. The challenge is being able to consistently turn talent into lasting performance. To be the manager everyone wants to work with you must manage performance not as an event, but as an ongoing process for employee engagement aligned to corporate objectives.Two men at a peformance management meeting. Manager is pointing to a iist.

you will LEARN

  • The importance and benefits of regular performance reviews
  • The Performance Management Cycle
  • How to set performance goals
  • How to prepare for and conduct appraisal interviews
  • How to provide ongoing and motivating feedback
  • To deal effectively with difficult situations
  • How to link effective performance management to superior selection and retention

you will BECOME

  • More focused on results
  • More confident about having the important difficult conversations
  • Better able to develop your people
  • Known as the manager everyone wants to work with

This workshop is designed around the accelerated learning principals of trial, feedback, reflection and retrial to maximize the learning experience for participants. Follow- up coaching is also available to further support lasting on- the job application of these important new skills.

One-Day Workshop

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