Managing Up - Building Better Relationships With Your Leaders

The relationship between an employee and his or her manager is an important one. Working successfully with one’s supervisor is critical to workplace success and satisfaction. Organizational and career success requires strong and respectful hierarchical relationships.  Managing Up helps participants consciously develop highly effective relationships with their supervisors, and learn to obtain the best possible results for themselves, their boss, their peers and their organization.
Managing Up - Building Better Relationships With Your Leaders

In this workshop, you will learn tools and techniques to  better communicate with your manager as you practice developing a more  productive relationship.  This is a great workshop for those who want to increase their  effectiveness by maximizing their communication with their manager(s).   

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand what managers want from their staff.
  • Understand and manage the personality differences that impact manager/staff relationships.
  • Increase organizational trust with their supervisors and peers.
  • Develop effective strategies for working with their supervisors.
  • Manage their own professional success and development.

Appropriate Audience: Early Career; Mid-Career; Emerging Leaders

Length: Full Day/Half Day