Lunch & Learns

Breakfast, Lunch or Any time Learning Sessions

Teams that learn together work better together. When employees believe management cares about their growth, the environment improves and so does productivity. Schedule a training session for any time of the day to provide ongoing professional development of your staff.

These brief, informative talks give employees a chance to partake in some informal professional development on their lunch hour, while also networking with colleagues. We offer 60-90 minute sessions and we encourage participants to play an active role throughout the process. All departments within your organization will benefit from these seminars.

Customize your own or select from these Leadership or Personal Development topics:

Communication and Leadership

  • The Leader as a Coach
  • Unbiased Leadership
  • Coaching Tips
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Active Listening
  • Managing Emotions Under Pressure
  • Difficult Conversations - Addressing Grief in the Workplace
  • Understanding Team Roles to Improve Performance
  • How to Get People to Want to Come to Your Meetings
  • How to Build Effective Teams
  • Confronting Workplace Conflict
  • Chairing Meetings
  • Got Something to Say? Improving Your Presentation Skills
  • Communication Strategies for Effective Collaboration
  • Breaking the Ice - Meeting Icebreakers
  • What is Your Communication Style?
  • Conflict Management Tips
  • Assertiveness Skills to Manage and Set Boundaries
  • Time Management in the Workplace
  • Networking with Emotional Intelligence

Personal Development & Productivity

  • Understanding Boundaries: Learn How to Draw the Line
  • Managing Up
  • Networking at Work
  • How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Success in the Workplace
  • Ready, Set, Go - Be Your Own Life Coach
  • Goal Setting - Focusing On What Success Looks Like
  • Managing Your Anger in the Workplace
  • Stress Management Tips and Techniques
  • Using Social Media to Become More Effective
  • Taking Stock of Your Wheel of Life
  • Putting off Procrastination
  • Getting Clear on What You Want
  • Being Happier is as Easy as ABCDE
  • You Decide - What topic would you like?

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