How to Solve Problems and Make Difficult Decisions

what you will DISCOVER

The ability to solve problems can lead to a more productive and happy life – both personally and professionally. Most people face some sort of problem or dilemma every single day. Although we have vast experience with problems, most of us lack expertise solving problems, making difficult decisions...and acting on them.Several people are collaborating to solve a problem written on a glass board.

“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem”    - Theodore Rubin

Those who are skilled at solving problems and converting decisions into action also have the ability to turn problems into opportunities. They’ve got grit; perseverance and passion toward long-term goals.

you will LEARN

  • A new perspective of evaluating problems
  • A template for solving problems
  • Strategies to develop valid solutions
  • Techniques to increase your “grittiness”
  • To apply a dynamic decision making process
  • How to make wise decisions
  • The resolve to convert your decisions into action

you will BECOME

  • Better able to identify and confront issues before they become problems
  • Confident about your decision making ability
  • Empowered to act on your decisions
  • “Grittier” so that you will persevere to achieve your goals

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SparkTaC realised that members of Executive Team and organizational leaders often have a dire need for strategic guidance and assistance by an experienced professional in navigating the complex, turbulent and often hostile challenges of the DEIB environment. For this reason, SparkTaC offers coaches that could (1) assist transformation executives in coming to terms with their role and in strategically crafting a transformation journey for their organisations, and (2) team leaders who needs to operationally manage a diverse team and who needs to initiate processes and practices that create an inclusive team environment.

We provide personalized, practical and in-depth coaching services to develop a leader’s diversity acumen and inclusive leadership skills.


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