Effective Group Facilitation

What you will DISCOVER

A great facilitator helps a group identify or clarify its objective and expertly maintains group energy and momentum while strategically moving them towards their goals. The facilitator must balance several activities at a time and exhibit skills in four key areas:
•    Active listening
•    Involving the group
•    Presentation skills
•    Managing the group

Specifically this workshop focuses on how to manage the process and on strategies to encourage thinking, creativity and how to discourage the onset of “group think.

LEARNing Outcomes

After completing this session you will be able to:
•    Set a dynamic agenda with concrete goals.
•    Prepare for an effective meeting.
•    Bring out the best in every participant.
•    Manage disruptive behaviors in a group setting.
•    Use various brainstorming strategies to spark innovation.
•    Build consensus and lead the team to a decision.
•    Drive action.

You will BECOME

•    Skilled at participating in and facilitating effective meetings that spark innovation.
•    Accomplished at leading a team to decisions and closing meetings with clear agreements from all participants to take action.

Workshop Duration – 1 Day

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