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SparkTaC realised that members of Executive Team and organizational leaders often have a dire need for strategic guidance and assistance by an experienced professional in navigating the complex, turbulent and often hostile challenges of the DEIB environment. For this reason, SparkTaC offers coaches that could (1) assist transformation executives in coming to terms with their role and in strategically crafting a transformation journey for their organisations, and (2) team leaders who needs to operationally manage a diverse team and who needs to initiate processes and practices that create an inclusive team environment.

We provide personalized, practical and in-depth coaching services to develop a leader’s diversity acumen and inclusive leadership skills.


The DISC workshop engages people in a highly interactive process of self-discovery and insight. People recognize themselves and others as the behavioural patterns are described. And they discover a way of talking about differences in a positive, non-judgemental way.

Participants complete an on-line assessment prior to the event. (The assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete.) They then receive a 4  page description of their personal behavioural style.
During the workshop, participants learn more about their own patterns. They recognize and explore ways they prefer to act, relate, work, socialize, and deal with change, as well as the ways they prefer to be approached, consulted, and involved in a group process.

Participants then learn how to recognize other people’s patterns, their strengths and limitations, and how to work more effectively with them.

By the end of the workshop participants have a clearer understanding of how they can reduce conflict and miscommunication, build rapport and cooperation, work on teams more efficiently, cope with change more positively, and profit from working with people they used to avoid.

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