Creative Thinking and Innovation

what you will DISCOVER

We are all born with the capacity to be creative, but something happens to us that stifles that potential. When we spark our ability to think creatively we will better be able to solve problems, generate new ideas and innovate. This leads to competitive advantage for our organization and ourselves.Woman with a pen looking like she is comtemplating something.

you will LEARN

  • About and shatter the myths around creative thinking
  • About left-brain right-brain dominance and your own personal thinking preference
  • Techniques to fuel your creativity
  • To recognize situations that call for creative thinking
  • To generate numerous innovative ideas
  • To turn starter ideas into workable ideas
  • A whole new way of thinking about creativity and how you can use innovation to enrich your work

you will BECOME

  • A more innovative problem solver
  • Known as an “ideas person
  • Better at making systematic decisions
  • Skilled at identifying and acting on opportunities

One-Day Interactive Workshop

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