Coaching Skills for Directors and Managers

Maximizing Employee Development and Performance

what you will DISCOVER
This experiential workshop will teach you how to apply coaching techniques that will foster increased collaboration, and augment employee engagement and alignment in your organization. Learn how to coach to drive performance. When you choose to lead and embrace a non-directional coaching approach, you will find that you will need to talk less, listen more and give fewer orders.

At the base of non-directive coaching is the skill of asking powerful questions which serve to raise the coachee's own awareness of the topic under discussion. For example, questions which encourage the coachee to consider and analyze all options, or questions, which challenge the coachee to dispute their own opinions, assumptions or views. Three people in a meeting, where the manager is acting as a coach by asking questions instead of telling what to do.

you will LEARN
•    Coaching techniques to drive employee productivity and individual development.
•    Your preferred style of coaching and its appropriateness;
•    How to create a safe environment for coaching.
•    How to ask powerful questions
•    How to help you staff manage barriers to their personal development
•    How to develop your staff skills through active listening, powerful questioning, summarizing & reflection.
•    How to set challenging goals with people
•    How to recognize and acknowledge people for their contribution.
•    How to have staff take increased responsibility for their own learning.

you will BECOME
•    A coach like manager and less of a directive manager.
•    More confident to navigate the performance management cycle
•    More confident to delegate tasks and responsibility.
who should  ATTEND:

Anyone in a position to coach or mentor other employees, formally or informally. Note: To ensure sufficient feedback and practice time, this class is limited to 18 participants.

2-Day Workshop

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SparkTaC realised that members of Executive Team and organizational leaders often have a dire need for strategic guidance and assistance by an experienced professional in navigating the complex, turbulent and often hostile challenges of the DEIB environment. For this reason, SparkTaC offers coaches that could (1) assist transformation executives in coming to terms with their role and in strategically crafting a transformation journey for their organisations, and (2) team leaders who needs to operationally manage a diverse team and who needs to initiate processes and practices that create an inclusive team environment.

We provide personalized, practical and in-depth coaching services to develop a leader’s diversity acumen and inclusive leadership skills.


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