How to Build Effective Teams to Drive Performance

What you will DISCOVER

What makes a team effective? How do you build a cohesive, high performance team? In this workshop you will learn what a high performance teamHuman tower in Catalonia - team working together to achieve a goal. looks like, the steps to take to create effective work teams, strategies for effective team building, and how to lead and manage high performing teams. You will receive a toolkit critical to building team effectiveness.

You and your team will gain new clarity and production capacity as you discover how you work best together.

You’ll participate in a highly interactive workshop where you explore, discover, and practice the team building skills that focus on better relationships and results.

you will LEARN

How to transform your team into a high performance team. If you are a front-line leader, supervisor, managers, newly promoted leader, and/or professional you will learn how to:
    •    Profile your team and discover both team and individual strengths
    •    Align your vision, purpose, goals, and feedback
    •    Develop shared leadership in your team
    •    Resolve conflict
    •    Conduct productive meetings
    •    Create open and honest communication
you will BECOME

    •    A leader that can promoting understanding
    •    A better communicator
    •    A better facilitator

Duration: 1 day

This course can be customized to include your company's specific leadership capabilities.