SparkTaC provides  coaching to help executives strengthen a critical personal leadership development capability or to address a specific organizational leadership challenge.  It is a customized process tailored for each situation.

Image of target shows the focus areas of tageted coaching. Improving communication skills, performance management and conflict management.Directive coaching is most commonly requested with high performing functional leaders who are highly competent in their area of expertise and lack leadership or relationship skills resulting in conflicts or grievances, and turnover which impacts organizational performance. 

provides immediate support for individuals to develop and implement specific skills and behaviours that are required for the current role or to be considered for alternate or future roles. Targeted coaching takes on the form of “just in time” support and utilizes proven behavioural change technologies that enable rapid change and learning.

Engagements are usually targeted at development or leadership issues such as enhanced communications skills, performance management or managing through conflict. A targeted engagement is typically short-term (three to six months) and will normally include the following key steps:

  1. a brief assessment of the particular developmental need or organizational challenge and identification of the gap between the current state and desired outcomes;
  2. a short-term action plan to address the need; and
  3. one-on-one coaching to solve the problem or implement the development plan.
  • Address a discrete organizational issue or challenge
  • Reinforce a new strategy or change initiative
  • Respond to a key issue or crisis that demands immediate behaviour change
  • Close an organizational skill gap
  • Provide personalized development linked to a common strategy